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Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the website. Please take the time to read some of our terms and conditions to ensure that your visit to our website is productive. When you use the website you will be accepting our terms and conditions. We wish you a fruitful search on the website.


You need not be a member of the Templateswork to access the sites or use the content or services. But we expect that you will become a member in order to access the full features of the website. There is some free content that you can access on a causal basis but this is not an indication that you are on contract with us or that we have any obligation to you. Members can access the full range of services that we have at the website including the provision of templates for the development of their own websites. Once you become a member it will be important that you read the full terms and conditions. You will be also required to enter into a new agreement with the website.

The Proprietary Rights

Although we allow you to freely use the website, this does not mean that you have any rights or ownership on the content within this website or our affiliates. This restriction covers the code, content. Information and any other materials that are placed within our landing pages. The intellectual property rights to the website are strictly limited to our brand. You are not granted any rights to copy the information or to represent us in any way unless you have prior agreement with the website. Copyright infringement will be pursued vigorously in the courts.

Downloading Material

We are happy for you to download templates from the website as long as you acknowledge the owner’s terms and conditions. The owner will still maintain the copyright on any pieces that are taken as a result of this arrangement. You should contact the or owner for further information.

The Copyright Agent

The website respects the intellectual property of other parties. We required that the people that visit our website extend the same respect to other parties. We cannot be held liable for the copyright infringements that have been instigated by parties that use the website. Where you believe that there has been a copyright infringement on the website, please contact us with the following details.

  • The address and telephone numbers or the email contact details of the applicant.
  • A detailed description of the alleged infringement.
  • The location of the infringing material on the website.
  • A description of the copyright that has been secured in the normal channels.
  • A statement or warrant to confirm that the details provided by the applicant are accurate.

The website has created trademarks for all the logos and service marks that are on display. There is also protection for the trade names. This covers both the registered and unregistered content on the website. We do not grant any of the trademark rights to the website material unless by express prior agreement. All agreements have to be in writing in order to have effect.

Changes to the Terms and Conditions

We reserve the sole discretion to vary and change the terms and conditions on the website without any notice. The changes in terms and conditions take effect when they are posted on the website. If you continue to use the website then we will take it that you have accepted all the amendments to the terms and conditions.

The use of Personal Information

During your visit to website you may be required to provide personal information. Our policies are governed by the relevant data protection acts. We operate a privacy policy and the information that you provide to use will not be used for any other purpose than that for which it was intended.

The policy for linking to sites

When you lint to the website, you agree to put that link in the full HTML version as per the standards that we have set in our own pages. Clients are not permitted to like directly to image sites or to use our images to be linked to other websites without express permission. When you are putting up content on the website, it is imperative that you do not link to other hosted sites. When you link to the website it is imperative that your image is not obscured by any other branding material. The website also reserves the right to discontinue any links without any notice to you.

The Policy on Third Party Sites

It is possible to move to third party websites as you work on the website. We bear no responsibility for the information that is found on the third party websites including their advertisements and codes. This rule applies even when those websites are run or owned by an affiliate of ours. Our link there does not mean that we endorse or sponsor any product on those third party websites. We also disclaim any liability for the consequences of visiting any of those third party websites.